Useful Links while @ Ross


These are links that you may use in your class. Please make sure that you follow all IT guidelines when using the Internet and signing up for various accounts.

Think about how big your digital footprint is.

Ask yourself these questions;

"Did your teacher ask you to sign up for your learning?" - If yes, go ahead. If no, ask yourself, "Will this website help me with my learning?" If no, ask yourself if it is necessary for you to sign up for this account? If yes, ask yourself why. Do you already have an account set up or has your teacher already set one up for you? Once you have had a lovely conversation with yourself about this and you still think it's a good idea, make sure you use it responsibly.



Passwords are for your protection. You should NOT give these to other people.  It is a good idea to have 3 different passwords that you use for various accounts. If you have more, you could forget them and run the risk of being locked out of an account. Most accounts give you 3 tries before locking you out so if you only use 3, you're bound to get one of them right. In most cases a teacher can reset your password or the website has a forget password button but that can waste a lot of learning time so it's best to remember your password.




Sometimes websites make up a username for you. When you have a lot of accounts on different websites, it's difficult to remember all your Usernames and passwords. It's a good idea to keep your usernames and passwords in a locked file on your computer. Do NOT write them in the back of your Maths book or on a stickie note on your computer. Make sure you use a password you will never forget.

You will use this to do some Maths and literacy testing. Your teacher will have a username and password for you to start with. You do not need to set up an account for yourself but you will need to change the password the first time you use it.

Your teacher may or may not use this website for learning. If they do, they will give you a code so you can join your classes learning community. Think carefully about what you post on this website. Your teacher will see everything you post. It's a great way to communicate with your classmates about work you are doing in class and especially with homework.

Your teacher may want you to use this website for homework activities and literacy. Your teacher will be able to give you the login for this.

Google Drive & email

You will use this website every day. An account has already been set up for you. If you don't know what it is, check with your teacher. This is where you go to get your email, save files and more.

See your teacher about a login for this website. It's important that you keep up with the reading in this website, if it is a learnign activity that has been set for you.

Your teacher may set up an IXL account for you. There is a cost to using parts of this website. Your parents may wish to join you up if your class isn't using it. Talk to your teacher first.

You need to have an account to enjoy the e-books and fun literacy and Mathematics activities on this website. Your teacher may have set up an account for you so check with them first.

Math Drills

You don't need to sig up to Math-drills. This is a free website with good practice activities for Maths. Your teacher may assign you work to do from this website but it's also a great place to go to practise what you have learnt at school.