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Numerate Communicator
Literate Communicator
Digital Communicator

Khan Academy

Watch Mathematics tutorials and then practice your skills by completing the questions. 


Check out this amazing site that recommends great books, read reviews by other students and write your own reviews too!

Practice your coding skills through workshops and game play. 

Study Ladder

Watch tutorials, play games and practice your maths skills.


Learn Maths through playing this interactive adventure game.

Maths Shed

Lots of different workshops and games covering different concepts and levels within Maths.


Practise the order of operations with this 1 - 4 player game.

Maths & Movies

Delve into the world of Maths & Movies with this interactive worksheet. 

E-Ako Maths

Move through maths modules and earn trophies and points as you go. Your teacher needs to have signed up for you to have access.


Wordle is the game taking the world by storm. Try and guess the 5 letter word, in only 6 guesses. New word each day!

Pobble 365

Every day a new writing prompt and activities are added. Give it a go!

OverDrive - eLibrary

OverDrive is Ross Intermediate's ebook Library. Just login with your Ross Int email address. If you don't know the password, email Mrs Stanley.


Read up on news from around the world and complete activities about the articles. You can search by interest or by reading level.

Read Theory

Thousands of stories and follow up activities. This programme adapts to the reader, as they read, to find suitable content.


Use this amazing design tool to share your learning, create posters and more...

Adobe Photo Editor

Take some photos and then edit them using this free online tool.

Learn Graphic Design

Learn about design, watching these 12 bite sized lessons.

Stop Motion

Learn how to create a stop motion video in your own home.

Take Amazing Photos

Check out this cool video on how to take photos from different perspectives. 

Word Hunt

Check out this creative writing activity which is perfect for doing in your home.

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